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Latest Product News 2018/19

We are the first country in the world to welcome a new day and we are also one of the first in the world to receive the new Fischer skis 2018/19 collection – this means you will see the latest products & graphics here and from May 2018 in store at our specialist NZ Ski Retailers – before you might see them at www.fischersports.com or elsewhere internationally

Imagine enjoying any terrain, in any conditions, all in the same high-performance boot. One day it’s fast front sides, another day it’s knee-deep backside powder or touring untouched backcountry snow.

That’s all possible with the Ranger Free, an ultralight freeride boot that is a stable, high-performance boot on fast groomed slopes, while also offering serious tour walkability…Find out more

If groomers are too limiting and deep powder is the only thing for you, then the versatility of the new Ranger FR makes it your ideal partner on the mountain.

Whatever conditions the mountains have in store for us, this freerider meets the demands and lets any terrain be your own.


Offering an array of technology, the Ranger FR is tough yet playful at the same time. Its stability impresses not just in extreme powder turns but also in less-than-ideal conditions as well as on seemingly impassable routes. Above all, its shape is what really shines.

The Freeski Rocker with lightweight Twin Tip makes it more agile, more maneuverable, and allows big, beautiful, sweeping turns. The shortened linear contact area of the ski works well on the hard conditions typically found off-piste. That saves energy and makes for phenomenal performance on the descent.

Even when the best runs are on the other side of the mountain, you can rely on the Ranger FR to capably navigate the route up and over.

Its easy ride isn’t just a result of the Aeroshape construction.The Air Tec Ti wood core and unique Carbon Nose– a super thin shovel carbon fiber construction- also combine to provide minimal weight, effortless turning, and amazing stability. The Ranger FR impresses in every area of performance, conquers the toughest descents, and makes every single trip an adventure…Find out more


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