When you want maximum enjoyment from your day in the mountains Fischer is here to help. Since 1924 they have lead the way with Ski innovation – from fast racing technology, lightweight touring, to your first time skiing they have you covered.

Fischer The company was founded in 1924 by Josef Fischer, Sr., a cartwright, in Ried im Innkreis, northeast of Salzburg, Austria. In addition to making wagons, he made an occasional pair of skis.

By 1934, the company had significantly expanded it ski manufacturing, with 30 employees, and selling 2,000 pairs of handmade skis in the United States alone. Following the conclusion of World War II, Josef Fischer, Jr. became involved in the reconstruction of the company.

In 1949, Fischer developed the first ski press to speed up production, which was still by hand. By 1956, the company employed 137 craftsmen, and was manufacturing 53,000 pairs of skis annually. In that year, Fischer adoped its three-triangle logo.

In 1964, the company completed a new factory on the outskirts of town, featuring a state-of-the-art computerized sawmill. Fischer also introduces metal skis for the first time, on which Egon Zimmerman wins the downhill at the 1964 Winter Olympics.

By 1967, the company had 775 employees, and produced 330,000 pairs of skis.

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