What makes or breaks the perfect day skiing in the mountains? Boot fit. We’ve all experienced the dreaded pain of a bad fit and poor performance. Fischer Vacuum Fit is here to help!

VACUUM FULL FIT enables a complete fitting of the shell through VACUUM 2Zone for maximum individuality and optimum fit. In Fischer’s VACUUM FULL FIT process, the shell is heated to 80°C before you step inside the shell with the boot liner. The Cooling and Compression Pad is put on and the standing position is fixed. Fischer has developed the VACUUM Station especially for this purpose. It is the heart of the fitting process. Compressed air is used to shape the entire boot ideally to match your foot.


Warm Up

Heat up the shell to 80 degrees Celsius in the oven.



Insert foot into preheated shell. Put on Cooling Pad and Compression Pads. Adjust the stand position on the VACUUM FIT Station.



Adjust the entire boot to the anatomy of the foot
using compressed air.Use the Cooling Pad to cool it down.


A Fischer High Tech Polymer is being used for the first time for the Fischer Vacuum boots. It has been developed exclusively for the ski boot sector and stands out through superior material properties.

• Thermoformable at 80°C with Fischer VACUUM FIT process
• Less weight (-15 %)
• Vibration damping better than conventional PU
• Temperature stability from +20° to -20° twice as high as with conventional PU
• Adaptive last: the shell adapts automatically to the foot by up to +/- 5 mm according to foot width.
• Adjustable Forward Lean: the forward lean of the boot can be adapted from 14°-17° according to skiing ability.


Vacuum Boot Collection

Fischer RC4 CURV – 140 Vacuum Full FIT

Fischer RC4 CURV – 130 Vacuum Full FIT

Fischer RC4 CURV 120 Vacuum Full Fit

Fischer RC4 CURV – 110 Vacuum Full FIT

Fischer RC4 My CURV – 110 Vacuum Full FIT

Fischer RC4 My CURV 90 Vacuum Full Fit

Fischer HYBRID 120 Full Vacuum Fit

Fischer MY HYBRID 100+ Full Vacuum Fit

Fischer MY HYBRID 90+ PBV

Fischer RC PRO 130 Vacuum Full Fit

Fischer RC PRO 120 PBV

Fischer RC PRO 115 Walk PBV

Fischer RC PRO 110 Walk PBV

Fischer RC PRO 110 Vacuum Full Fit

Fischer My RC PRO 105 Walk PBV

Fischer My RC PRO 100 Walk PBV

Fischer My RC PRO 90 PBV

Fischer Ranger 120 PBV

Fischer My Cruzar 90 PBV

Fischer Cruzar 90 PBV

Fischer Cruzar 90 PBV

Fischer RC Pro 120 Vacuum Comfort Fit 2017

Fischer Transalp Vacuum TS Lite

Vacuum Fit Stockists

  • Browns Ski Shop – Queenstown: Shotover St
  • Small Planet Sports – Queenstown: 39 Shotover St (Touring & Comfort Fit boots only)
  • Mt Outdoors – Wanaka: 17 Dunmore St (Touring & Comfort Fit boots only)
  • Snowride Sports – Christchurch: 386 Lincoln Road
  • Gordons Outdoors – Wellington: Cnr Of Cuba And Wakefield Streets, Phone: (04) 473-8838
  • Gordons Outdoors – Taupo: 7 Tamamutu St Taupo, Phone: (07) 377-4343
  • Snowcentre – Auckland: 19 Mahuru Street